IAWTV Spotlight

Our September spotlight theme is Labor of Love, so we are highlighting 3 series from IAWTV members whose projects were true labors of love for them (in alphabetical order): Drunk Hawk Man, Minor Embarrassments, and The Laura Show!

Drunk hawk man

Drunk Hawk Man

From IAWTV member Michael Nixon (Co-writer, Co-producer, "Hawk"), comic book comedy series Drunk Hawk Man!

Drunk Hawk Man is a comedy / parody featuring a different take on some classic superheroes that have been featured on sites like Geek & Sundry and Nerd Reactor. This self-financed show has been over three years in the making and the team is ecstatic to share it with the world! !

Drunk Hawk Man is the epic tale of Hawk who is so confused by his own destiny that he chooses to ignore it to hang out with his fellow super roommates. He tries to party away his problems, specifically his attraction to the reincarnated woman he has lived and died a hundred lifetimes for.


Minor Embarrassments

Minor Embarrassments

From IAWTV member Eric Gersbeck (Writer, Producer), comedy series Minor Embarrassments!

In every episode, the main character (Erik) finds himself in an uncomfortable social situation and promptly embarrasses himself.

"This was a true labor of love -- my wife and I self-funded it and co-produced it, and we did much of the post work ourselves through my wife's pregnancy and the birth of our daughter."

The Laura show

The Laura Show

From IAWTV member Laura Linda Bradley (Creator, Writer, Director, Lead Actress), comedy series The Laura Show!

A female driven sketch comedy series, each episode features 3 sketches centered around title character Laura and her wildly entertains group of friends.

"'Labor of Love', perfectly sums up The Laura Show!! After years of struggling in LA trying to find my voice, fit in... fall of last year I set down and started writing The Laura Show. The result was a journey I could have never expected! We have been flooded with love, support and creative energy. Season 1 has been a high blessing and we can't wait for season 2!"


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