IAWTV Spotlight

Our August spotlight theme is Sci-Fi, so we are highlighting 3 science fiction series from IAWTV members (in alphabetical order): Airlock, A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E., and Reset!


From IAWTV member Enzo Tedeschi (Creator, Producer, Writer), space sci-fi series Airlock!

A drifting rogue spaceship docks with an isolated space station. Inside is a dead crew and a band of stowaway refugees. Tasked with the investigation, Security Officer Jonah Ashbrook (Mark Coles Smith) is thrown headlong into a series of events that will turn life on the station into a life or death crisis.

The show was produced outside any studio system and without broadcaster assistance. But has since sold to SyFy Channel Australia and other platforms throughout Europe.


From IAWTV member Sarah Carson (Executive Producer and Cast Member playing Emily Laird), science fiction drama series A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E.!

A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E follows a team of NSA Agents as they become drawn into a web of conspiracy, deception, and cover-ups, all related to the mysterious UFO and alien abduction phenomenon.  The series explores the dark world of covert operatives and a secret worldwide cabal intent on protecting ancient discoveries from falling into the wrong hands and saving humanity from a coming “purge.”


From IAWTV member Tanya M Wheeler (Writer/Producer/Creator), children's sci-fi series Reset!

When the Earth speaks, who will listen?

When the Earth sends out a distress signal to distant caretaker aliens, a young Maori boy, Justin, intercepts the communication and is given the mission to help save the planet. Justin and his friends face a daunting task, while the leaders of the world question whether they are under attack. Other prophet children from around the world begin to be awakened, like Justin, to the need to make a difference.

Wanna be in the spotlight?  All IAWTV members can submit their series for consideration. September's theme is Labor of Love. If your web series is a labor of love, please email Spotlight@IAWTV.org details about your series.