IAWTV Spotlight

Our July spotlight is Independents, so we are highlighting four independently produced series (in alphabetical order): Co-Habits, Emma/Nella, Fantasy Hospital, and Shiny Baby Goats!


From IAWTV member Dan Gorski, comedy series Co-Habits follows Pretty the Chow Chow as she plots her escape from the mundane habits of her humans and the absurdity of domestic cohabitation.


From IAWTV member Emma Farabee, comedy series Emma/Nella. A girl with enthusiasm for life crosses paths with someone who makes her sick. Or does she?

Fantasy Hospital

From IAWTV member Justin Marchert, animated comedy series Fantasy Hospital where dwarves, giants, fairies and other wizarding doctors run a hospital of magical medicine.

Shiny Baby Goats

From IAWTV member Alice Wood, Shiny Baby Goats is an original comedic series about best friends and aspiring artists who are trying really hard to drop the "aspiring."


Wanna be in the spotlight?  All IAWTV members can submit their series for consideration. Email spotlight@iawtv.org with details about your series.

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