Please see the complete rules at the entry site, located here.  


General Conditions of Entry - These apply to all entrants regardless of category.

All entrants are required to accept the following terms and conditions as part of the entry process. The International Academy of Web Television reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions or issue binding rules on any matter not included in these terms and conditions as needed. Such decisions shall be final.

PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR SYSTEM HAS CHANGED FROM LAST YEAR: the IAWTV has assembled a group of judges, including a broad range of people in digital entertainment, who will determine which shows matriculate to nominated status. Like previous years, the membership will vote on which nominees will win awards in each category. We are excited about this change and believe that it will best serve the community and the awards. Names of the judges will be published on January 7, 2014.

1.     Only episodes of a web series that were released during the defined eligibility period of October 1, 2012 through November 30, 2013 (hereinafter “eligibility period”) are permitted to be entered for consideration in the 2014 IAWTV Awards and only so long as at least 2 or more episodes of the web series were released within the eligibility period.

2.     Only the owner(s) or authorized representative(s) may enter a web series for consideration.  

3.     A “web series” is defined as a series of two (2) or more episodes held together by the same title, trade name or mark, or identifying personality common to all the episodes that initially aired and was distributed anywhere in the world via the Internet using website technology (e.g., .com, .net, .biz, .org, etc...).  Exclusions from this are works such as previews, trailers, sizzle reels, commercials, any sequences from feature-length films for theatrical distribution or homevideo release, aired and unaired episodes of established TV series delivered on free network broadcast television, pay television and all forms of cable television, and any unsold traditional TV series pilots.  

4.     All submissions and entry fees must be received by 11:59pm PST on November 30, 2013. All submissions must be received via the IAWTV’s online entry system. There will be no exceptions.

5.     Each entrant is responsible for ensuring their entry contains correct information and that there is no technical fault preventing playback online for IAWTV members during judging. Failure to do so may result in the entry being disqualified.

6.     The name and credit details entered under each entry will be published if that entry becomes a finalist and/or winner. Please ensure these details are correct at the time of entry. Personal contact details such as phone and email addresses will be kept confidential.

7.     A discounted entry fee is available to entrants who are Active Members of the IAWTV.  An “Active Member” is any natural person who has met the criteria for membership set forth in the most current policy adopted by the IAWTV, whose application for membership has been approved, and whose annual dues have been paid has been paid on or before November 30, 2013.

8.     The voting on the IAWTV Awards shall be by the Active Members of the IAWTV. Only Active Members who joined the IAWTV on or before November 30, 2013 shall be allowed to vote on the IAWTV Awards. There shall be no exceptions. 

9.     If in the opinion of the IAWTV none of the entries in any category meets the criterion of excellence the entries will not proceed and no award shall be made at the discretion of IAWTV.

10.  In any instance where there are insufficient entries in a category the entries will not proceed and no award shall be made at the discretion of IAWTV. If no award shall be made because of insufficient entries your entry fee will be refunded (please see number 11 below for details).

11.  A 100% refund of entry fees will be given to any entrant who withdraws completely from consideration on or before 11:59pm PST on November 30, 2013. To withdraw please submit a Request to Withdraw Form. The form is available on the IAWTV website at

If no Award shall be made because of insufficient entries the entry fee will be prorated to exclude the Award that is not being given and the fee for the excluded Award will be refunded, except in the case of a single Award entry. In the case of a single Award entry the entrant shall be entitled to a 100% refund of the entry fee.  All refunds will be issued within 90 days following the close of submissions at 11:59pm PST on November 30, 2013.

12.  Upon completed submission the entrant hereby grants a non-exclusive license of the entry to the IAWTV to reproduce stills, clips, and/or logos for worldwide promotional usage on the IAWTV Awards website, IAWTV social media including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, IAWTV affiliate web sites, the Award show web site, online, print and TV advertising creatives, and media coverage. 

13.  The entrant must declare if the entry is subject to any dispute or litigation with a third party. To make a declaration please email  

14.  The success of the IAWTV Awards relies on complete confidentiality until the winners are publicly announced during the live Awards event which is scheduled to be held January 7, 2014 in Las Vegas during 2014 CES. All entrants are required to adhere to this condition; failure to do so could result in disqualification. The IAWTV will make all announcements concerning finalists and winners.

15.  The IAWTV decisions regarding the IAWTV Awards will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

16.  The IAWTV reserves the right to withdraw an Award from a winner at a later date if the IAWTV later finds that the entrant did not comply with any of these entry conditions.


$45 = Members

$90 = Non-Members

$115 = Non-Members becoming Members

Plus, $10 for every category after the first five categories entered

(The above costs are on a per series being entered basis.)