IAWTV UPDATE from the Chairman

This is a letter from J. Sibley Law, Chairman of the Board, IAWTV:

Some very exciting things have happened these past couple of weeks and some exciting things are ahead:

The IAWTV inked an agreement with New Media Expo, which will take on the primary fundraising and production of the IAWTV Awards. This means a few things. First, we will continue to have an awards show. We are returning to Las Vegas for the third year this January 7th (details to follow). And, it also means that we can spend more time focusing on serving, building, and growing our membership. The agreement has been a long time in the making and special thanks goes to Amber J. Lawson, Paul Kontonis, and Tim Street.

Keep a look out for an announcement next week opening the submissions for the IAWTV Awards as well as the deadline and voting timeline.

You may have noticed a number of discounts showing up in your inbox (50% off registration for ITVFest and 20% off submission to The Vancouver Web Fest).  If you have not received these emails please search your spam filter for this email address: info@iawtv.org.  Be sure to inform your system that email from this address is wanted. Jeff Burns deserves a lot of credit. He is chairing a new committee to create alliances and partnerships with organizations and festivals that serve our community.     

Recently, the board of directors selected Dan Unger as Secretary/Treasurer, April Grant as Vice Chairman, and me as Chairman. We are honored to serve as the executive committee and very much look forward to a great year with the entire board of directors.

One of the reasons that I joined the IAWTV was that it was for-the-members, by-the-members. This excited me because it was about building the community with other people who were passionate about the digital entertainment space. Now, as we enter our third submission season for the IAWTV Awards, we are uniquely positioned grow once again. The way that happens is with your help. While we do want to be known for the awesome awards and top-quality shows that surface each year, we also want to be known for serving the broader community and our membership. The way that happens is with your help.

Please consider joining one of the following committees by contacting a committee chair or by contacting us through the website:

This is a great time to be part of the digital entertainment community and an excellent time to be a member of the IAWTV. Expect to hear from us next week as we open the submissions process for the IAWTV Awards.