What's it like to be an IAWTV board member

Being on the board of the IAWTV is a very prestigious honor that comes with much responsibility and expectations. If you are interested in becoming a board member here  is a brief summary of what you are in for. Get ready, its lots of fun!

  • Monthly Board Meetings - once a month all the board members get on a call to discuss the IAWTV needs, updates and to plan ahead.
  • Staying current with IAWTV membership -  as an example for all members, board members keep their membership current.
  • Attend  the annual IAWTV Awards - our annual IAWTV Awards are a must attend for board members and they function as ambassadors to the membership. Some board members that could not attend due to scheduling conflicts choose to host an IAWTV Awards watch party in the city of their choice.
Board Members Tim Street and Paul Kontonis

Board Members Tim Street and Paul Kontonis

  • Oversee an IAWTV committee - each board member reports on a committee they oversee at each board call, they support the Committee Chair and participate in one committee call per quarter.
  • Promote IAWTV through social media - board members are some of our best IAWTV tweeters, retweeters and Facebook sharers, try doing it everyday!
  • Identify and introduce potential sponsors for IAWTV events - board members are always on the lookout for for financial or in-kind sponsors for events including the IAWTV Awards.

  • Annual IAWTV membership meetings - board members are key figures in any membership meetings and are always in participation.