What's a good way to end NAB? This writer says it was the IAWTV Awards. Check out this great article about his experience stumbling upon our awards show.

...The inscriptions on the photo backdrop told the story. Turns out that the International Academy of Web TV was having an awards show. All of these folks had been nominated for their Internet shows, in different categories such as Best Dramatic Series, Best Ensemble Performance, or Best Animated Series.
As someone who enjoys taking photos of people absorbed in all sorts of activities, I couldn’t resist getting out my camera. The not so glamorous setting of a convention hall didn’t matter to these folks, who showed obvious excitement posing for the long line of photographers snapping away. Moved along by handlers who pressed sheets of paper on them with their names and web series writ large, the award nominees were also stopping to chat in short interviews.
I started to feel a similar buzz – the smiles and laughter seemed real. Besides, there was something, maybe I’d describe it as a sweetness in everything, in how eagerly everyone talked, greeted each other, hugged or burst into laughter. No one here seemed anything like those walking the slick, frigid and formulaic red carpets we’re used to seeing at the major award shows.
I was happy about that.

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