Statements from Candidates for the 2014 Board of Directors

List of Candidates (find their statements below):

  • J. Sibley Law (Incumbent) - Board Chairman
  • April Grant (Incumbent) - Board Vice Chairman
  • Christin Baker
  • Jason Brasier
  • Frank Chindamo
  • Nathaniel Collum
  • Aaron Garcia
  • Jared Hoy
  • Jocelyn Johnson
  • Jonathan Robbins
  • Amanda Shockely
  • Martin Smith

Candidate Statements:

J. Sibley Law (Incumbent) – Board Chairman

Two years ago, when I ran for the board, I had no idea what I was getting into. During that first board meeting, new board members were told that we needed to raise $10,000 or that there would be no IAWTV Awards. Numerous members, board members, and friends of the IAWTV as well as professional fundraisers worked like crazy and generated just enough capital for the show to go on. Then, as the previous executive committee left the board, they had begun the process to formalize an agreement with NMX. We completed that agreement and this past year, we worked to cut 90% of the budget from the awards show. Thanks to a tremendous effort by numerous members, board members, and staff as well as our partners at NMX, the show went on.

But, I did not join the IAWTV, or run for the board originally, so we could simply have an awards show.  I joined because of the community of creators that we celebrate, support, and foster.  As a group, we have writers groups that meet regularly in L.A. and New York. We provide discounts to members to help defray the costs of submitting their shows and reduce casting costs. We continue to host educational opportunities, both at festivals (NMX, ITVFest, and Just For Laughs festivals, to name a few) and independently with our own events. It has been my privilege to work on all these efforts with other board members; to spearhead some of them and to participate in other initiatives.

It is my vision that we continue to empower communities of creators in New York and LA and begin doing so elsewhere. Having served as Board Chairman for one year, I feel like this team is just getting started at making the difference it can for our community and the organization. As we make plans for both the show in 2015 and the many ways we support creators in our community, it would be my honor to continue to serve the IAWTV, and even more so, I am prepared to work like crazy to ensure it continues to serve our community. I ask for your vote so that we can continue the good work this team has done and build on the things we’ve already accomplished as an organization.


Thank you for your consideration,


April Grant (Incumbent) – Board Vice Chairman

This is not going to be your typical candidate statement. It will not be full of promises and lofty goals for the IAWTV.

I am running again for the IAWTV board this year after much contemplation and thought. After having been on this board for a term I come into this with my eyes wide open and knowing the challenges I will face along the way. I know there will be precious few volunteers. I know that the bulk of the work will be done by those few volunteers and a handful of board members. I know it will require far more hours of work and time than could ever be foreseen. I know we will struggle for sponsorship, struggle to build membership and struggle to continue to serve those members while always striving to make the organization and their memberships valuable. I know the board positions are thankless, tireless, frustrating and full of pitfalls. 

Why run then, you ask?

I'm running precisely because of these things. I'm running because I love the digital content creation space and the people who strive to serve their passion within it; I want to serve them as well. I am running because I am able to leave my personal goals, both for my show and myself, at the door for a greater purpose. I am running because while I still have idealistic vision and lofty goals for this organization I know first hand that without those willing to do the grunt work and willing to talk to others about what we do we are nothing. I am running because there is still so much hard work to do. There are initiatives I have planned, for the membership committee and beyond, that I want to see come to fruition and I want to help this organization grow and thrive at this critical time. I do not want to abandon the work already done.

Most of all I am running because every decision we make, every hurdle overcome and every goal reached gets us one step closer to being the organization envisioned long ago. I am proud to be part of this space, I am proud to have served on this board and if you will have me I will continue to work to make this an organization we call all be proud to say we are a part of.


Christin Baker

I am running for the IAWTV Board because I would like to further the great work past board members have done to continue to advance this organization.  I believe that we are only starting to see the influence that web productions can have on the entertainment industry and IAWTV is on the forefront of this movement.  As a producer of content for the web for 6 years I have seen the industry grow.  I am the co-founder and CEO of the site and we have been working to monetize web content for a niche audience.  We also work to support other artists who choose this medium for their art.  Thank you for your consideration.


Jason Brasier

I am running for the IAWTV Board of Directors for a few reasons. The web series community is growing daily and the IAWTV, for me, is the equivalent of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, but geared toward the online medium. With the major production companies, producers, and other industry professionals in Hollywood starting to take more steps in the online direction, I feel it is important for the IAWTV to take creative and well calculated steps to keep at the forefront of the growing herd that is the web entertainment industry. I also feel it is necessary to put forth measures to honor and push independent projects that deserve the spotlight that are not as well known.

            My desire for the IAWTV is to create an environment within and around the organization that helps guide and lead our members to make a mark and a difference in our industry. I want to be part of that movement and help steer this wonderful and fruitful organization into the bright future it has ahead of it. If you vote for me, I will work hard to see these goals come to fruition by networking, promoting, thinking outside the box, collaborating with all board members, and listening to our members.

Thank You For Your Consideration,
~Jason Brasier


Frank Chindamo

I love the IAWTV because we’re like the Academy pioneers who created the Oscars in 1929 when all was chaos, but a few brave souls added some method to the madness of media. As a collective of pioneers, we’ve got the power to be the center of the webisode universe. We just have to seize it!

If you know me, skip to the bottom. If not, shameless self-promo time!  I’ve been nominated for the IAWTV Award for Best Interactive Series, and I started making short videos in the 1990s for HBO, Showtime, CBS, PBS, Fox, the BBC, CBC, Playboy, MTV and Comedy Central. By 2000 I was the first filmmaker commissioned to do web videos for, and by 2004 I had the first channel of comedy films on Sprint phones. I’ve won 30+ awards or nominations for web/mobile vids, ( including a Streamy, and have produced advertainment series for Best Buy, Planet Green, Walmart, Petco, Intel, Chevy, etc. I know how to make money making webisodes. Check out the press (front page LA Times, etc.; 

I’m also the world’s first Professor in Web Video, teaching at USC, UCLA, Chapman and Emerson.  My students have included FreddieW, a Top Ten YouTube star with over 3,000,000 fans; the 5 Second Films guys, and Bernie Su, Streamy and Emmy winner and producer of Compulsions and Lizzie Bennet. I also co-wrote the book on Internet Stardom!  I know web video and I know how to grow the organization, so a vote for me is a vote for growing the IAWTV, monetizing it, and making it a better place for all of us.

MY PLATFORM IS THIS: We need to raise more awareness of the organization, we need to attract more members, we need to raise more money and we need to do things for the members that make it really worthwhile to be a member!  I am NOT in favor of doing favors for non-members; they can browse but they have to join if they want to get stuff from us!

My goals for the IAWTV are the following:

1. Support the EVENTS Committee: Throw “Rent parties” to raise money, where we charge a lot less for members.

2. Education: Continue the terrific forums and workshops led by Tim Street, Bernie Su and Sandra Payne in writing, producing, selling, pitching, etc. I’d also create a panel where BUYERS and FINANCIERS speak to the members about what they BUY and FINANCE!

3. }Insurance: I’ve done this before; I secured the PRODUCTION INSURANCE and the HEALTH INSURANCE policies for the Filmmakers Alliance, and they were great cash cows for the group! Wouldn’t YOU like to get a discounted production/locations/equipment insurance policy for your shoots?! Might YOU want to be part of a discounted organizational heath insurance plan? We’d make a little money when members use it and a LOT when non-members use it!

4. YOUTUBE: They’re it, folks, so we should form a stronger tie with them. I’m not sure how right now, but I led the YouTube Panel at Digital Hollywood and I taught a Vlogging Workshop at YouTube HQ, and they know our successes help them!

5. Stronger alliances with: VIDCON, TUBEFILTER, and DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD. We all owe debts of gratitude to Elizabeth Flack, Jenni Powell and Drew Baldwin for their work on these issues, and I will see if we can do even more. For instance, why aren’t we the sponsor of a party (a rent party or an awareness party) at Vidcon?!  And PS, I’m on the Board of Digital Hollywood.

6. PRESS: We need more press, folks. I admit it - I’m a loudmouth and a promoter and you know what? It helps! I’ve been on radio, the web and TV this month for my new app (The iHusband) (see, I just did it again) and it has helped sales! We need press to help sell memberships!

Those are my ideas. Thanks for reading.


Nathaniel Collum

It’s quite an honor to be nominated to serve on the IAWTV board, and I enthusiastically accept. For those who may not know me, I’m Nathaniel Collum. I created Abigail, an IAWTV nominated sci-fi web series. I’m president of Red Raccoon Studios, a production company that I founded in Atlanta, Georgia.

I’m running for office because I’m passionate about creating quality online programming. I want to do everything I can to support an industry where the creatives have freedom and the viewers get to choose what they buy. I believe audiences deserve premium content and an experience that isn’t ad-laden and burdensome. I believe that creatives need to be nurtured with feedback, resources, and time. That’s what Red Raccoon Studios is all about. I think the IAWTV has made huge strides in legitimizing the space and providing resources for its members. I think we can go further. I’d love to see the organization provide the tools and venues necessary to turn our passion into a profession. This could be anything from expanded information downloads (grants, legal releases, production checklists, union information, wiki) to showcases or festival events where IAWTV member’s work is presented. A lot of what we do relies on the generosity of donors. But I believe audiences will pay for quality. I’d love to see our members find ways of turning subscribers into paying customers. You work hard. Your content is good. You deserve more than an ad-share from Google.

The established Hollywood system is too unstable. Unpaid internships favor the wealthy, while contests favor the lucky. The walls are too high. IAWTV members are far too talented to be left silent while the same old show re-airs night after night. Audiences deserve better. Our culture deserves better.

I believe that it’s very important to surround yourself with people on the same mission as you. I’ve admired the IAWTV and its members for a long time. I’ll continue to work hard for this industry, even if it’s in an unofficial capacity. At Red Raccoon, we have a production motto: tell stories well. I wish you all a happy adventure in storytelling, and I’d be honored to help you on that journey.


Nathaniel Collum


Aaron Garcia

     I joined IAWTV in 2012 in hopes of joining an organization that could give guidance, help, and resources in the web community.  I would try to help maintain those goals.  Things that worked 4, 3, even two years ago are outdated now.  If I became part of the board of directors I hope to bring a different perspective to the community.  I have been a filmmaker, editor, and cinematographer for 14 years.  I would come in more as a filmmaker with an emphasis on our productions.  Within the last few years, major studios have been creating more online productions.  It will become more and more important for the independent producer/creator to be able to compete with larger budget studios.  As an organized community dedicated to helping independent creators, we can pull our resources and skills to be able to compete with the larger companies and maintain our independent spirit.  

     IAWTV can be a source for independent producers to come to first, for guidance, production, and exposure.   I believe it is important for us to know each other's shows, to help find ways of revenue and exposure, and to make our projects even better.   Even now, we could make a playlist on the IAWTV site highlighting shows that are IAWTV members.  There can be Google Hangouts, Live Chats, Monthly screenings at various cities, a forum for creators and crew to connect for projects.  

     I would like to model the organization after other non-profit organizations like the National Recording Academy and the GRAMMYs in terms of their awards and how they help the community beyond just our own needs.  There are charitable organizations and art grants that I would like to make connections with to help further a growing and thriving community.  

      The past two years I have met so many amazingly talented people that deserve more attention.  I believe in having a strong foundation of creators, talent, and business to succeed in the future years.


Jared Hoy

First off, I would like to thank you for the nomination for the IAWTV’s board of directors.  I’ll be quick and to the point here, I know there are a lot of other statements to read.

My main drives and points, were I to be selected to the Board, would be three key aspects that I feel should be at the heart of IAWTV’s needs to expand and grow, both in size and reputation.  All three points must work hand in hand with each other to benefit and amplify their effects.

Awareness: This works on multiple levels but includes reaching out to the filmmaker community as a whole, not focusing strictly on web content creators and YouTube stars.  I am amazed at the amount of people, who we play and work with do not know or understand what we are trying to do at IAWTV or even what IAWTV is.

Quality:  We’ve got to, as a whole, up the quality of all productions around us.  How many times have you watched a bit of a show and thought the writing is struggling or tuned in to a series and could not watch because of incomprehensible sound or poor lighting and camera work?  More workshops, demos, the opportunity to talk with technical side filmmakers.  As a whole IAWTV can and should strive to raise the bar as high as we can if we are going to be seen as a serious and guiding force for web entertainment.   When the quality goes up, the hits go up, investor interest goes up.  This can go a long way tow as ards a sustainable industry where people are paid livable wages.  As an industry, we are not going to be taken seriously until we can do that, live, on the monies earned from productions and not, many of you do, maintain day jobs to fund our passions.

Community: We have an amazing community of filmmakers, marketers, agents, and other aspects of the industry.  We can have more.  We need to have more.  We need to see the IAWTV represented in EVERY aspect of production from production accountants and PAs to producers and directors.  We call ourselves the Academy, a body of established and learned persons widely accepted as authoritative in a particular field.  We need to represent a complete knowledge, as much as knowledge can be complete.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my ramblings, I’ll close with a brief bio about myself, for those that don’t know me.

First I was born and raised.  I transplanted to Los Angeles in 2001 with a BA in cinema studies with a focus in Directing, Producing and Cinematography.  I’ve spent the last almost 12 years working in the film and TV industry as well as web.  Credits include, Superman Returns, Classic Alice, House MD, NCIS, Deadliest Warrior, The Guild, Video Game Reunion, The Dark Horse, and others.  Currently, I’m in development of a feature film and sci-fi television drama as well as several digital series, with my production company ElectricHobo, LLC.  I am also working towards a degree in astrophysics focusing on exo-planetary development in my available spare time. 

Please, reach out to me if you’d like to talk about my thoughts or just offer feedback! I’m always up for a chat! | t: @jaredhoy | fb: /electrichobo | imdb:


Jocelyn Johnson

STATEMENT: For the last seven years I've been in the online video space, watching it evolve and being excited to watch it's progress. IAWTV has been an important organization for many working to move the industry forward, contribute meaningful content to the internet and be a part of the future (now present) of entertainment content. I'm interested in running for the Board of Directors because I think there is greater resource to be offered - from education, to community, and regulation of this dynamic and ever-expanding industry. I think it's the members of this community that will make the greatest impact on shepherding us forward and I'd love to lead that charge, help reinvigorate the membership, and put IAWTV in a position of industry leadership that drives meaningful impact. We need to activate the membership, tap the talents that are part of this community, expand the membership and work together to serve as a resource for each other and the overall business. If I had to say the top three focuses on where I'd focus efforts for IAWTV, I'd say - 1) Membership activation - getting the value and the resources that support the membership active again 2. Recruiting new members 3. Collectively selecting a pain point in the industry and making this our "cause of focus" (if you will). I think this would need to be decided on by the membership, though I have ideas on what areas could be of particular relevance. Thank you for considering me.



Jonathan Robbins

I have been a member of the IAWTV for over 2 years now, and find myself increasingly involved, despite living north of the border and away from many of our members’ activities. Last year, I was co-head writer of the 3rd Annual IAWTV Awards, where I was also a presenter. This opportunity helped me get to know more people in the community and get a sense of what happens behind the scenes in our organization. I was so proud to see the growing “I” in international as we attracted recognition and members worldwide, many of whom gathered in person for that fine day. I witnessed it again at the spring meet up at the W Hollywood, and was again blown away by the wide assortment of talents in our membership base. Let’s not stop here, I say. I want to help continue this growth, to truly put the IAWTV on the map anywhere web series are made. One way that I can contribute to that definitively is in Canada. I currently am in my 2nd term as a board member of the IWCC (the Independent Web Series Creators of Canada), which was responsible for the first ever formal study of the economic impact of web series creation, and the presentation of the very successful Toronto Web Series Festival. I am of course not just behind the scenes of our industry, but in the scenes. I first began with web series creation in 2011 when I began the multi-award winning series Clutch, filmed in Toronto, Montreal and Los Angeles. I went on to co-direct, produce, and co-write Asset, which filmed in Toronto and Prague. I was the story editor on the Italian series Wakefield Variations, and a picture editor for Drifter: Lonesome Highway. I’ve also been a panel moderator at various festivals including the Marseille WebFest, an Associate Member of the Webby Awards, and Chairman of the Jury for Directing at the Canadian Comedy Awards. I’m frequently seen in front of the camera as well. I am the co-star of the tremendously successful Out With Dad, and have roles in Pete Winning and the Pirates, Out of Time, Improbabilia and the upcoming Haphead. Finally, I hold the title of most frequent guest on Super Geeked Up! 


So this familiarity and involvement with the industry combined with my passion for connecting with people worldwide, I believe, would make me a valuable addition to the board. I love everything we’ve been doing, and I want to do more of it. I want even more partnerships, more networking opportunities, more presence in worldwide communities and more weight to the statement “I am a member of the IAWTV."


Amanda Shockley

Thank you for the nomination and opportunity to become a board member of the IAWTV. Looking back when I was first ever nominated I almost have to laugh at that statement I provided and how lofty and full of 'change the world' mentality it seemed to carry with it.   Here's what I've come to realize with this position and the goals and intentions that fall upon the shoulders of anyone willing to take and uphold it.  There is no element of changing the world, that's too broad, too general.  This is about changing the space that continues to expand while also contract in the same instance.  This is about being heard, being seen and being taken seriously while given proper opportunities afforded to others that I feel should be afforded to all in this space.  

This, and all other manners of business involving the IAWTV will not be an easy task, or something one gets to sit idly by and hope someone else will step forward and do what needs to be done.  I've watched from the sidelines as the board itself and its few volunteers nearly broke themselves to ensure things were done and carried out.   I know the amount of time and effort that is spent here instead of with families, or productions or other arenas in life to ensure the brand and name of IAWTV continues to grow and solidify its integrity and standing not only with its members but in the space we call online digital entertainment.  I understand this position is a thankless one, where most individuals will never see or perhaps even appreciate the level of effort that goes into it.  Regardless of all that I feel I can lend my voice where it needs to be heard and with any luck, you as members of this organization will too.


Martin Smith

I fully accept this nomination with the intention to continue to grow the community and to bring more attention to the art that we are creating. Here is a little about myself to show where I have come from and to where I envision an organization like ours can go. I graduated from the University of Georgia with all the intentions of trying to make it big as an actor. The problem was that I loved living in the South too much. Luckily enough many of my friends from college had the same idea. We formed the company Red Raccoon Entertainment and set forward to making work that we wanted to see ourselves. Upon that we realized that the web was the best opportunity to grow an audience that unlike traditional media. We were able to create and promote all of our own work, including the web series Abigail. I was able to travel the country and the world to show off this piece work that we thought was only going to get a few hundred views. But because of the internet, we were seen by people who would have never have found us through traditional media. Whether they found us from facebook, twitter, shared by friends or just searching Youtube, they found us. And that is what is the beauty of an organization like the IAWTV. We are not solely relaying on advertisers or traditional networks to get our vision out to the audience. We have each other to help promote our work. We have our fans to help promote our work. We have social media to get our work out to the open. And as we have seen, the world is slowly catching on. I feel that with that type of momentum gathered, there is nothing stopping the IAWTV from rivaling the likes of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science or the Academy of Television Arts and Science. With that said, I fully accept the nomination to the board of the IAWTV.


<<End of Statements>>