For Michael Todd Cohen

We pride ourselves on trying to build our community on a foundation of support and while often we spend time celebrating our successes...we are now facing a tragedy that effected one of our own and we again want to offer support.

Michael Todd Cohen and his new husband, Daniel McClurg, were trapped during a highrise fire in the building where they lived in Manhattan.  Horribly, Daniel did not survive and Michael is in critical condition.  He will face many financial burdens because of this and the online community wants to show their support by creating this campaign for him, with all contributions garnered going to help him in his recovery process.

Please give as much or as little as you would like.  And please share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and your friends and family so they can help if they would like as well.  Our hope is to rain love and support down on Michael in this difficult and sad time.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.  We love you Michael.

Make a contribution: 

Thank you to Jenni Powell, IAWTV Member and former Vice-Chairman for setting up this campaign.