Judges for the 2014 IAWTV Awards in no particular order since they are all awesome. Click on name for more info on each.

Tina Cesa Ward's work as an Executive Producer/Writer/Director includes: the mulit-award winning "Anyone But Me" the mini-series "Good People in Love" and her current series, "Producing Juliet."

Jason Brasier is an award winning writer, director, producer and co-owner of American Wasteland Entertainment. 

Brittney Greer is an award winning producer, as well as talented writer and co-owner of American Wasteland Entertainment.

Greg Tulonen is head writer for the Maine-based mystery-suspense web series, "Ragged Isle."

Eric Won, Director.

Marx Pyle is a web series creator, filmmaker, podcast host, author, and also online entertainment news writer for SciFi Pulse and other websites.

Christine Piccolo is the founder of RHeart Network, the Fan's Voice and host of 3 Blogtalk Radio shows including Storytellers On The Net, dedicated to highlighting the best online scripted serials.  She is also an author on Examiner.com, Web Series Today and Blogcritics. 

Dan Milano has created and uploaded videos to MySpace for Choose Your Own Adventure, YouTube for JibJab, Instagram for ABC News and now Dailymotion for… Dailymotion! 

Tim Keaty is the host of the Surfing Aliens Podcast.

Suzette Laqua is the Executive Director & Founder of Vancouver WebFest and an Entrepreneur, Executive Producer, Producer and Writer of TV, web series and short films.

Gabe Uhr is a freelance comedy writer/producer who has written for award shows like the MTV Movie Awards, the People's Choice Awards, and the Spike Video Game Awards, all of which he found to be very awarding.

David Schatanoff is a 16 year post production audio professional who now owns and operates D Studios Productions, LLC.

Susan Miller is the Executive Producer/Writer for Anyone But Me, the Writer/Creator of Bestsellers and a Member of the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Web Television .

Jennifer Doherty is the Founder and co-director of HollyWeb Festival.

Daniel Doherty II is also Founder and co-director of HollyWeb Festival, feature film director.

Darren Chadwick-Hussein is the award winning creator of the British horror dramedy The Bloody Mary Show. He also assists with the running of The Raindance London Web Festival. 

Philip Gilpin, Jr is the Executive Director of ITVFest, a short film creator and former business affairs analyst for HBO.

Elisar Cabrera is an independent feature film and web series producer, and runs the UK Web Series Group, online video convention VidfestUK and the Raindance Web Fest. 

Lydia Schoenberger  is an Information Systems Architect, a publisher of award winning comics and web comics, a producer of web series and short films and translates English subtitles to German.

Ed Robinson is the creator of Pairings.

Cindy Marie Jenkins is a Storyteller and Outreach Nerd who connects new audiences with independent art.

Jodie Younse

Kristen Campbell-Taylor is the VP of programming for DanceOn

Katrina Hill

Mckey Meyer

Chris Williams

Amanda Shockley

April Grant

Brett Snelgrove

Adam Johnson

Eric Mortensen

Jean-Michel Albert