1. Do I need to submit two episodes? Yes, with the exception of Best Live Event. Per the rules that have been in place since the IAWTV Awards began, for the purposes of the IAWTV Awards, two episodes constitute a series. Both episodes need to fall within the qualifying period.
  2. When is the qualifying period? This is the period in which episodes being considered for the awards need to have been first posted. For the 2014 awards, this period is October 1, 2012 through November 30, 2013.
  3. What if we want to highlight someone’s performance in a URL, how do I let the judges know? There is a notes field next to the fields for URLs. Please leave notes for the judges there.
  4. What if we have more than two episodes we want judges to consider? There is a third section for you to place a URL to a playlist. You can create a playlist on YouTube or on a web page and share that with the judges, making specific notes.
  5. Why did you change the submission system? Earlier in 2013, we discovered that our website was taken down and with it the proprietary submission & voting system created by David Nett. Unfortunately, that system was not able to be restored to full health. So, we purchased a system from Omni Systems and had it massively altered to fit the needs of the IAWTV. The system let’s us retain much of the process used for previous submissions rounds.
  6. What’s the scoop with judges? This year, we made the decision to enlist the help of industry experts to help us matriculate shows from submitted status to nominated status. Judges include a broad cross section of industry leaders and independent creators. We are excited about this change and believe it will better serve the IAWTV and the awards. Membership will vote on nominated shows to select the winners in each category.  
  7. Tell me more about the "non-member becoming member" payment option. Good question. This is basically a way for one member of your team to get a discounted membership. It does not make multiple people involved in the show members of the IAWTV. This membership is really designed for the person submitting the show. 
  8. How do I enter multiple shows? Each show needs to have it's own account in the awards system. We wish this was not how it has to be done. We know it's frustrating. We're frustrated with this limitation of the system and hope we can have it adjusted for next year. 

If you have questions that you would like added to this list, please email them to: