Board of Directors



Tina Cesa Ward, Chair

Tina Cesa Ward started her career as a writer and director on several short films. Most notably her short film “In Their Absence” screened in over a dozen festivals around the world, was awarded five times both domestically and abroad and was named one of the best short films of the decade by Festival de Cortos MíraLes in 2011.

In 2008, Ward jumped into the web world and for three seasons she was the Executive Producer/Writer/Director of one of the web’s first hit indie drama series, “Anyone But Me”. “Anyone But Me” has reached over 45 million views across all platforms worldwide and has brought home nearly every industry award, highlighted by Ward (along with Susan Miller) winning the first ever Writers Guild of America Award for Original New Media. In 2012, Ward (along with Susan Miller) took home the IAWTV Award Best Writing in a Drama. Ward has been nominated several times for her directing as well, and in 2013 won the IAWTV Award for Best Directing in a Drama. Other nomination highlights include several Streamy Award nominations and a Webby Award.

In 2010 Ward directed the successful first season of the branded web series “Bestsellers”. And in 2011 Ward debuted the critically acclaimed “Good People in Love”, which DIGIDAY calls “…a new milestone for online video series.” In the fall of 2013, “Producing Juliet”, Ward’s newest series made its world premiere at the Raindance Film Festival’s WebFest where it received a stand out notice from The Huffington Post. “Producing Juliet” has gathered its own share of award nominations, and in 2015 Ward won the IAWTV Award for Best Writing in a Drama.  Ward is working on several new digital projects and also works as a comic book writer. Her second published series is due out later this year.

Jason Brasier, Vice-Chair

Jason is an award winning writer, director, producer, and editor that has been working behind the scenes since high school. Jason graduated from Missouri State University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Production and also received the MSU Screenwriters certificate. His diverse background ranges from commercials, training videos and informercials, to feature films, short films, music videos and web series. He is the creator/director/producer/co-writer of the award winning and critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic drama, He is also a co-owner of American Wasteland Entertainment, a production company he founded with his writing and producing partner, Brittney Greer. Jason and Brittney also created the award winning horror mini-series, Stage Fright. Jason is always creating and looking forward to collaborating even more with the web series community at large on projects. His most recent collaboration was on the second season of Chris and Josh where he co-wrote the first episode. He also served as co-producer on the 2015 IAWTV Awards. He lives by the motto, "Dare to dream, dream to live."

Nicole Wright, Treasurer

Nicole has always had a passion for entertainment. When she was in her early teens, she produced three annual back-to-school fashion shows for the neighborhood kids and during her senior year in High School she created an original sketch that got her notice for a college scholarship. She attended Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts where she produced and directed numerous short films. Some of the most notable shorts she produced include a french horror-fantasy film "Le Gros Orteil" that was funded by the school, "Binding" that was a period prison piece starring Mark Arnold (Teen Wolf) and her senior thesis, (that she also wrote and directed) that stars Kevin Ryan (BBC's Copper, Crossbones). After film school she worked as an associate producer on the Award-Winning documentary "The Philosopher Kings"—A film that seeks wisdom from unlikely places by interweaving the stories of eight custodians from American Universities. In 2013 Nicole directed and produced season one of the award-winning steampunk series "Progress" about a steam-powered Internet in the Victorian era. The following year she directed and produced 20 episodes of it's spin-off show "Ask A Cam Harlot" that was originally released exclusively with JTS. Currently you can catch Nicole on the weekly geek talk show "Super Geeked Up" where she geeks out with independent web series creators every Wednesday night.


Frank Chindamo

Frank Chindamo founded and runs Fun Little Movies (FLM), one of the world's top producers of comedic “Advertainment” videos for the web and TV. FLM’s Roku channel review reads: “The shorts are eclectic and ironic. It’s as though Vine and Netflix merged into one service.” FLM has won over 30 awards for its work, including the award of a Chevrolet by Kevin Spacey for a series starring NBC’s Whitney Cummings. FLM has graced the front pages of Forbes Magazine, the LA Times, and been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, and USA Today. FLM’s campaigns and endorsements feature companies such as: Petco, Walmart, Best Buy, Intel, Kingston Technologies, eVite, Radio Shack, CakeMania, Planet Green TV channel, Jump and Jacks and Titanic and Avatar producer Jon Landau’s TED talk.

Frank holds an MFA from Columbia University and a BFA from NYU. His teaching appointments include posts at Emerson College, USC, UCLA, and Chapman University. Past students include: Primetime Emmy Winner Bernie Su, billion-hitter Freddie Wong, and 5SecondFilms. Frank co-wrote the book Internet Stardom: Insider Secrets to Web Fame and Fortune, and serves on the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Web Television.

Tonya Dodds

Tonya is the co-founder and president of Clouded Mirror Entertainment. Under that banner, she is the executive producer of the feature film Red Spring and the short film Chains of Event. An award winning actress and host, she has appeared in numerous films, TV series, and online series and videos. She is a frequent collaborator with Jeff Sinasac and the award winning director and cinematographer Tom Antos. The three have worked together on web projects such as the viral hit He Said, She Said (aka Dinner Date), ‘Til Death Do Us Part, and The Big Wild North. Most recently, you can see Tonya in Asset the Series as Anya, a ruthless ex-spy, and in the upcoming feature The Control. She is a passionate supporter of independent production and championing the work of truly exceptional creators.

Awards and nominations:

  • International Academy of Web Television award for Best Live Host for Super Geeked Up, 2015
  • Bilbao Webfest Best Supporting Actress nomination for Anya in Asset, 2015
  •  Afterglow Award for Best Performance as Holly Fitch in Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun, 2009
  • Terry Jones Theatre Award, 200

J. Sibley Law, Chairman Emeritus

J. Sibley Law "Sib", Founder and CEO of Saxon Mills, is the creator of twenty online television series ranging from cooking shows and animation series to political spoofs and scripted narratives and everything in between. One of the first YouTube Partners (ever), he is an Official Honoree of the Webby Awards and he regularly creates commercials for broadcast. Additionally, he co-founded the NYC  Writers Group for the International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV), where he is a former Chairman of the Board. His book, Streaming Media Delivery in Higher Education is available on IGI Global. His articles about the online video industry can be read in various industry publications. Additionally, he is a co-founder of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival (now called Festival Stratford) in Connecticut and was its executive producer from 2005-2010. In addition to all this, he has been a management consultant for Fortune 500 companies since 2000. In this role he has worked with top-level executive management and line producers in every major industry segment for hundreds of the world’s most profitable companies.

Sandra J. Payne

Sandra J. Payne is an award-winning Writer/Director/Producer and president of the boutique production company, SPwrite Productions, LLC, specializing in digital content, commercials and industrials. Her company has produced more than 90 episodes of web series, including the 2014 series “(it) Bits | Green Tips from Ed Begley Jr.,” plus all 51 episodes of "The Web.Files," the 2012 winner of Best Hosted (Taped) Web Series at the International Academy of Web Television Awards for which Sandra was also nominated as Best Director. She has made numerous award-winning short projects, including three trailer winners for the Austin Film Festival. Sandra started her Hollywood career as a staff writer for the global juggernaut, "Barney & Friends." Her writing credits include two books, optioned screenplays, cover feature magazine articles, humor etiquette columns, and a short story that ran in "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books plus a "Guideposts" book. Sandra currently hosts the Writers Group in Los Angeles for the International Academy of Web Television, as well as the annual Web Series Meet Up at SXSW.

Marx H. Pyle

Marx is an award winning writer, director, and producer, a graduate of Vancouver Film School and also holds degrees in psychology and computer science. He is the author of the book Television on the Wild Wild Web: And How to Blaze Your Own Trail and has worked on dozens of films and various reality TV shows over the years. Between co-hosting the popular interview podcast GenreTaiment and writing for entertainment news websites like SciFiPulse, Marx has interviewed hundreds of web series creators, directors, producers, actors, and authors. His web series experience includes being the executive producer/director/co-writer of Reality on Demand, co-producer and director/director of photography of Book of Dallas, director of photography for Star Trek: Phase II (a Hugo-nominated series, IAWTV nominated series, and TV Guide winner), stunt coordinator/camera operator for the award-winning sci-fi series Aidan 5, and more. Marx was also a member of the 2014 IAWTV Awards Committee, a judge for the 1st Miami Web Fest, and a judge for the Geekie Awards for three consecutive years.

Jonathan Robbins

Since 2000, through his company mojopro Films, Jonathan has directed dance films, web series and narrative shorts including the award­winning Your Ex­Lover is DeadThe Beauty of Touch, and the 60's conspiracy thriller Sleep Clinic. His varied skill set has landed him credits in multiple departments such as Director of Photography for the Bravo!FACT What You Eat, which was acquired by the EnRoute Network, and editor of the TIFF­screened comedy Family First. Jonathan is the creator of the groundbreaking femme fatale web series Clutch, which won him the 2014 Indie Series Award for Directing, as well as being a Streamy and IAWTV nominee, and Webby Honoree. He is co­executive producer and director of the spy thriller series Asset, shot in Prague, which recently won Best Thriller at the Vancouver WebFest. His dance film Gossip currently appears as part of the 2015 Toronto Urban Film Festival.

Jonathan is also an actor. He plays Nathan aka Dad in the internationally successful web series Out With Dad, and Bruce in the Sci Fi series Haphead, for which he received double nominations at the 2015 IAWTV Awards. Jonathan has moderated and participated in panels at places such as Marseille WebFest, San Diego Comicon, Rio WebFest and George Brown College.


ROse of Dolls

Rocío de las Muñecas, also known as Rose of Dolls, is Doctor "Cum Laude" in Social Communication, expert in web series, in which she centers her research. She also gives masterclasses about new audiovisual formats and is teacher in gender and communication. She is the co-director of the Bilbao Web Fest (with Oliver Mend), the first Basque web series festival.

She is also an award winning actress, producer and director in various audiovisual formats, especially for the web series Gifted Corporation, which has received 20 international awards in cities across the globe as Miami, Los Ángeles, Bilbao, Seul, Rio de Janeiro, Roma, etc.

Lydia B. Schoenberger

Lydia is a producer of web series and short films and a programmer for the Raindance Web Fest in London. She was born and raised in Vienna, Austria and lived for a couple of years in Dusseldorf and Leipzig in Germany were she had a comic publishing company. For now she is a resident of Bern in Switzerland, though she tries to be in Los Angeles and London for as often as she possibly can each year.

She is in the web series space since 2008 and a member of the IAWTV since 2010. Her ongoing passion for the web series world and the IAWTV made her join the board of directors of the organization.

We will see where she goes from there.