This year’s jury to determine the nominees of the 2015 IAWTV Awards grew significantly from the past, both in size and in diversity.

Jury Chairs were chosen for their expertise in an area, and tasked with recruiting a jury for their team that represented both gender and geographical diversity, and were suited to rate entries in a particular category. They were responsible for ensuring that every entry in their category received a fair judging.

The jury included Oscar nominees, Emmy Winners, previous IAWTV Award winners, respected critics and Web Festival Directors, representing 13 countries. No juror or Jury Chair was allowed to judge or head up a category in which they were in conflict (if they were in the credits of a contending series), and jurors were asked to recuse a submission if they felt any bias towards it and could not judge it fairly. If an actor was involved with an entry in a Drama category, for example, they were only allowed to judge or recruit judges for a Comedy category.

Phase 2 judging takes place by the members of the IAWTV.


Aaron Chatha
Adam Shaftoe
Adrianna Prosser
Alan Powell
Alex Garcia Topete
Alexander Brovedani
Alyson Court
Amanda Barker
Amanda Mitro
Amanda Shockley
Amy Hoff
Anaïs Rozencwajg
Angelique Toschi
Anne Lower
April Arrglington
April Grant
Ash Catherwood
Ben Brainard
Ben Noble
Bernie Bregman
Bethany Kaster
Brandon Hillock
Brett Dasilva
Brett Snelgrove
Brian A. Bernhard
Brian Arnold
Brian Dunn
Brianna Wodabek
Brittney Greer
Carinne Leduc
Caroline Sawyer
Carrie Cutforth
Carter Mason
Chelsie Saunders
Christina Kozak
Claire Bonduro
Dana Lee
Daniel Martin
Daniel Shehori
Daniela Dilorio
Daniela Figueiredo
Danielle Earle
Danny Santos
Darren Chadwick-Hussein
David Schatanoff Jr.
Donna Ateshin
Eleanor MacVeigh
Eleanore Prokop
Elisa Teague
Elisar Cabrera
Emily Schooley
Erez Koskas
Eric Robbins
Ernest Cayemen
Errol Salamon
Esther Kamba
Francesco Bavastro
Gaizka Narvaez
Ginger Parker
Grainne McCoy
Guy Gonsalves
Hannah Duncan
Heather Dicke
Helen Grace
Hisonni Johnson
Ignacio Bats
J. Sibley Law
Jake Avnet
Jamey-Leigh Weber
Jamie Blair Register
Janet De Nardis
Jarrod Moschner
Jason Fraser
Jeff Koenig
Jeffrey Siniawsky
Jennifer Liao
Jess Morton
Jessica Cameron
Jessie Pridemore
Joanna Haughton
Jocelyn Stevenson
Jodie Younse
John Kenneth Muir
Jonathan Dowler
Jorge Rivera
Justin Marchert
Kat Trussler
Kate Conway
Kate Shenton
Katrina Isberg
Kes von Puch
Kim Sison
Klas Persson
Kristen MacGregor
Kristen Nedopak
Kyle Price-Livingston
Lauren Bregman
Leah Hather
Liana Vieira
Lindsay Paquette
Linz Stanley
Lisa Gifford
Lizz Hodgson
Lorne Hiro
Lydia Schoenberger
Lyndie Greenwood
Marcus Clarke
Marie Caffrey
Marina Bonofiglio
Mark DeNicola
Martin Smith
Marx Pyle
Matthew C. Vaughan
Matthew Carvery
Max De Bowen
Megan Phillips
Michael Anderson
Mike Fly
Mike Lummis
Mike Quinn
Mitch Mommaerts
Natalia Gochicoa
Nathalie Younglai
Nathan Shelton
Nathaniel Collum
Ned Petrie
Nick Montgomery
Niesha Davis
Nina Ruzicka
Norm Stangl
Oliver Mend
Paolo Villaluna
Penny Wright
Philip Gilpin, Jr
Philip J. Cook
Philipp Trauer
Precious Chong
Richard Young
Rick Gott
Rob Mills
Rob Reider
Robb Padgett
Rocío de las Muñecas
Rodney Smith
Rose Zammit
Ryan Keller
Samantha Wan
Scott Zakarin
Sean Oliver
Shakirah M. Bourne
Shannon Michelle
Shawn Smith
Sherren Lee
Simon Cote
Steinar Ellingsen
Stephanie Gillie
Steven Shehori
Sue Turnbull
Sugith Varghese
Susan E. Clarke
Susan Siniawsky
Tanya Katchouni
Ted Tremper
Thom Woodley
Tim Keaty
Tim Lucier
Tobias Richter
Tony Clomax
Tonya Dodds
Vanessa Neshevitch
Vicky Howell
Victoria Broom
Victoria Sullivan
Wesley Bernick
Zaioa López